January 13, 2014

Much needed studio time!

This past week I’ve finally been able to get some much needed studio time and I’ve been loving every minute. All those experiments that I’ve been talking about are finally getting done! I had a blast playing around with the Liquitex pouring medium, making vibrant and colourful skies for a potential new series. I also finished some of the vignettes I had been working on during several demo’s I did late last year. 

One of the most interesting and challenging things I had planned was my first venture into the abstract. I’ve always loved abstract art as a viewer but as an artist it has been a challenging style. I’ve always had a hard time with it, never quite knowing how to go about creating an abstract piece but always looking for a way in. Now that my previous series has been finished and I promised myself a couple of month in the studio just to experiment I thought I’d give the abstract thing another go.

I love texture in artwork, I especially enjoy working with different shades of colour using the texture to create natural highlights. So I bought a bunch of different  textured acrylic mediums and I’ve been playing around with them a little bit. So far I’m really liking where it is taking me although I’ll have to see how the pieces will evolve. 

For now the most important part for me is just to take some time to let things happen in the studio, I am loving the process of not quite knowing where I’m going yet. It’s still scary not to have a plan but it is mighty fun to figure it out!

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