November 04, 2013

A week off, sort off....

After all the hard work finishing my latest series, the book and the preparations for the show I’ve decided that a couple of days off would be amazing. A little time to recharge and rest are vey welcome after a crazy period of finishing and self publishing a book and organizing a show. Although somehow I can’t quite manage to absolutely nothing, I’m obviously writing this blog post and I had some minor updates for the site this morning. I still have a couple of Indiegogo perks to send out and I ‘m teaching a transfer class at Viva Vida Art Gallery at the moment so there are always some preparations for that as well. So I still get up early in the morning and do a little here and there but I’m taking some r&r time as well :) 

So this week we’re keeping this post nice an short. Below is a nice little overview of the show at Viva Vida Art Gallery, if you haven’t seen it yet there still a couple of days left, it runs until this Thursday, November 7th, books are also available for sale at the gallery. 

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