September 03, 2013

Almost there...

The book is almost done! All the texts have been edited, proofread and translated, the images have been colour corrected, the design is finished and arrangements with the printer have been made. At this point the only thing we are waiting for is the ISBN number, which will hopefully come in by the end of the week, then the files will be off to the printer!

The order for the giclee prints has been sent out as well, I’m waiting for the proofs which should come in this week. As soon as they are approved the production on those will start as well!

I’m currently in the process of finalizing the location for the show, which as of now, is still planned for the fall. The show will also function as the official launch of the book so the vernissage will be quite a party! :) The preparations will keep me nice and busy for the next few weeks but I’ll try to plan a couple of studio days just to get some things going. I would like to get started on some of the experiments I’ve been holding off on until the previous series was finished. I think it is about time to take some time to do something new. It will be scary but also a lot of fun! and I’m really looking forward to working in the studio without a set plan. 

Today is going to be one of those studio days, as soon as I’ve finished this post I’ll head into the studio and start throwing paint around, as a matter of fact, I think I’m going to do that right now, l8er!

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