September 11, 2012

All the world’s a puzzle

This past weekend my husband and I went on a little road-trip to GenCon, the largest board gaming convention in the world, which is held in Indianapolis each year. Just like last year we had a blast trying out new games and meeting other gamers. One of the highlights for me was meeting one of my favourite authors, Brandon Sanderson a well as the voice of the Daleks, mr Nicholas Briggs. But I will not bore you with all the geeky convention details.

While we were driving and the world was passing by my window I noticed that my view of the world has significantly changed since I’ve started photographing for my Boroughs Project. Nowadays, when we pass a building of significance or a quirky urban detail I see them almost like a puzzle piece. My minds eye will immediately try to find the angles that would be most useful in a piece. 

I’ve been photographing with pieces in the back of my mind for quite some time but this change in view has never presented itself this strongly. It must have something to do with the difference in approach. Previously most of my photography was done on vacations where the photographing was secondary and the piece was in the back of my mind. When I work on the Boroughs Project I research each borough, finding the most important landmarks, with the piece being the primary reason for the photography session. 

It will be interesting to see how this change in view will influence my future pieces. 

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