April 24, 2012

Productive Beginnings

This week has started our very productive. On Monday I managed to finish two compositions of Rome, I was only planning on doing one piece of Rome but while I was working on it I had so many great images that didn’t fit in my first composition that I started a second one on the side. So now I’m working on the prep for two pieces at the same time. 

Having had such a productive Monday really gave me a boost, I can’t wait to get this prep work finished so I can get started on painting ‘Sin City’! I’m, already half way there, I’ve finished cutting out al the pieces for the large Rome piece, now I just have to wait until my drip layer is dry so I can assemble the piece on my 24x48 panel. 

I’m actually typing this blog entry in my new studio. We’ve set up my old iMac here so I don’t have to drag my panels up 2 flights of stairs to assemble them. I can now check my digital compositions for the placements of all the elements right here in my studio, it’s truly awesome! I still create them in the office upstairs but all the messy stuff, including the cutting, now happens here. 

On Thursday evening we will start a new series of Acrylic Transfer classes at Viva Vida Art Gallery. This will be a series of six 2 ½ hour classes in which we will go from properly prepping a wood panel all the way to a finished acrylic photo collage, it’s going to be loads of fun! You can still join us by signing up at Viva Vida Art Gallery: (514) 694-1110

If you’re curious about my techniques and work process you can check out this video. It’s the artist talk a gave for the Art & Architecture show at Fleurbain on April 14th. You should also check out the talks of the other artists in the show, it was truly an amazing group and I’m very honoured to have been a part of this wonderful show. 

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