January 31, 2012

Good things are happening...

I’ve been enjoying my studio time immensely and it has definitely been fruitful. I’ve managed to finally get a good start on my Boroughs Project with two pieces finished and two that are about half way and I’ve even been able to do a good many other pieces on the side. 

But next to all the productivity there are a lot of other things brewing on the horizon. In March I’ll be traveling to New York City for ‘Women in Art’ a group show at the Ward-Nasse Gallery in Soho and today I was very pleased to receive an email that stated that my work is being considered for the ‘Art and Architecture’ exhibition in downtown Montreal in March.

Last night I taught my first class at the Viva Vida Art Gallery, this class was part of a 5 class course I’m teaching on the creation of gel skins and how to use them in a composition. We have an awesome group of eight talented people and I’m very excited to see the results after we are finished. I’ve never taught a class before, it’s actually something I thought I’d never do, but I had a great time and I hope the people in my class did too. I’m already excited about next weeks class, when we’re really going to start building the compositions. 

It looks like I will be working on another piece in the ‘Journey’ series soon as well, I received information that my collaboration partner has scheduled the photo shoot for it so I’ll be getting material for that soon. I’m very happy that we are finally getting to the third piece, I really like the collaboration aspect and I think the resulting pieces look awesome. 

So good things are happening in the near future, which means that I have to keep up my productivity for now. Soon there will be things that will get in the way of spending time in the studio, good things. 

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