August 29, 2011

Getting back into the rhythm...

Even though I spent the entire week in my studio last week I still feel like I’m getting back into the rhythm of things. The past couple of weeks have been filled with trips, preparations for my show and paintings that needed to be finished, which meant that I didn’t have time to go out and take photographs for my boroughs project. Now that I’m not working on quite as many paintings at the same time and I have actually planned my weekly photography outings again, I feel like things are getting back to normal again. I like my rhythm and I think I function best when it’s there although working under pressure can be exhilarating and refreshing at times. 

At the moment I am working on the first piece for my collaboration project, that piece is almost finished. I am also working on the first piece of my Boroughs project, the photographs have already been transferred to the panel so that one’s also in the final stages. I’ve got a couple of other things going on as well; I’m doing a small commission piece on Montreal and I’m going to start work on a piece that I want to donate to YES Montreal. On top of that I’ve already got a couple of other pieces planned as well, the first being a piece on Halifax. 

The last week of September we’ve got a trip to Italy planned, we’ll be driving from Rome to Venice! I’m very excited about that because it will give me a huge amount of new material to work with, I’ve always wanted to do a piece of Rome! So lots of good and exciting stuff going on but, first things first, let’s finish this collaboration piece!

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