September 28, 2010

An Exhibition, a Gallery Contract and an unfinished painting

You must all be wandering what happened to my promise to finish Montreal2 this week. Well my exhibition got in the way a bit. This is the first time I'm in a duo exhibition so I have a lot of pieces that need preparation. I also have a lot of work to do on promotion and I still need to make all the cards to go with the paintings. I have to say I went to a lot of 'OMG why am I doing this' moments this week but now I'm really looking forward to the exhibit, it's going to be fun!
Next to the show this weekend, which is in a local Cultural center, I received a consignment contract from a gallery which makes me very happy. Somehow everything seems to happen at once. This did make me realize that I really have to get back into my studio to get some more work done, I barely have enough to fill up the space at the cultural center and I want to be able to do some solo shows in the future so more work is definitely a priority right now. Well, not Now, now of course, because now my exhibit has priority, but after the weekend its back into the studio to make some art! Montreal2 will be first on the agenda and after that I've loads of new ideas floating around in my head... 

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