August 26, 2010

Montreal 2

Last week I spent an entire day strolling through Montreal taking pictures for my second piece on this city. This is part of an experiment I started when I moved here, I will be making 3 pieces of this city over the time period that I spent here, each time I will make a new batch of picture to work with. The goal is to see how my view on this city changes over time, already I took more pictures this time and I went to more specific spots that have meaning to me now that I've been here a year and a half. My tour through the city last week was therefore a bit longer then I had in mind, I started out at ten in the morning and walked till 4 in the afternoon. It was a beautiful day so it was an amazing experience, Montreal is a beautiful city that has a lot to offer, it has amazing architecture and very charming little streets. The thing about Montreal I found out in this past year is that you really have to know the spots, some things look awful from the outside but when you get inside there's this beautiful restaurant or great little patio. Montreal's most charming spots are hidden and you really have to get to know this city to get the most out of it. That's also why this is a great little experiment, because it means that each piece I do on this city will be like uncovering more of her secrets. No time like the present I say! Let's start Montreal 2!

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